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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

How Nonprofit Foundations Can Contribute to Advancement and Progress through Books—In Print and Other Formats

Joanna V. Hill.

Nonprofit foundations, particularly the John Templeton Foundation, is expanding its horizons to include grantees in many other countries in an attempt to develop leadership in the areas of research into science and religion, spirituality and health, and character development. A major component of this work includes the support of local societies that encourage research and learning, whose work would include identifying experts for lectures and book publishing. This might involve translation of key works into English or translation of classic English language books into other languages. Another component of this work is building searchable databases of key information and making them available to researchers worldwide. There are several of these projects underway at this time that, when completed, will aid other scholars and communities in their research. The future of the book is China could be greatly impacted by the work of nonprofits to bring accessible information to China while learning of the contributions Chinese scholars can make to the global dialogue.


Joanna V. Hill  (United States)

Templeton Foundation Press

Director of Templeton Foundation Press since its inception in 1997, Joanna Hill has experience in scholarly and religious publishing. She has been production/design manager for a university press and marketing manager for a religious publisher before directing the Templeton Foundation Press. She is working on a masters degree in religious studies and has co-authored two inspirational books on prayer and gratitude.

  • Nonprofit foundations
  • Science and religion
  • Spirituality and health
  • Character development
  • Searchable databases
  • Website research

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)