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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

The Future for Digital Publishing: Breaking Through the Barriers to Books

Colin Haynes.

The presentation is profusely illustrated with examples in animated and multimedia formats of all kinds of digital publishing. In particular, it shows how books can be delivered cost-efficiently in digital form to schools and remote rural communities and made accessible to the lower income groups, to those with minority languages, and to the visually handicapped.

New forms of text-to-speech and the roles played in developing nations by Project Gutenberg and other international initiatives are covered.

There is special reference to digital publishing and primary health care, including its roles in the HIV/Aids pandemic.

In addition to a live virtual presentation, the content can also be presented as a download from a Web site, as interactive multimedia packaged into an ebook format, as Web html pages, or as a conference paper.


Colin Haynes  (South Africa)
Digital Publishing
eBooks Africa

Colin Haynes has been a professional writer for nearly 50 years and over the last decade has specialised in topics relating to information technology and the needs of developing nations. He wrote the first manual for writers on preparing and marketing ebooks, and has also authored pioneering titles from the US and Europe on computer viruses, machine translation and mobile computing.

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