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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

What is a book?: A visual exploration

Rebecca W. White.

As new technology continues to develop and envelop our civilization the discourse of the book evolves. The term ‘book’ no longer only signifies pages bound within a cover, it now encompasses the world of laptops and the Internet. As technology develops it begins to inform the traditional structure of the book, just as traditional book practices have influenced the structural evolution of technology. If this reciprocal interaction continues to escalate the margin of difference between the digital forms of the book and the traditional book will become obsolete. In my series, Semiotic Experiments, I will produce a visual contemplation of the linearity and traditions of the book in combination with the multiplicity, interactivity and user involvement of digital formats. The first book will be traditional in nature and will implement the ideas of multiplicity and random juxtaposition that occurs with Internet and digital books. In the second project I will provoke the idea of touch and dexterity that originates in the original printed books. With each subsequent project I will add and push elements indigenous to both the printed and digital formats until I reach a perfect hybrid, where the digital and printed form are no longer distinguishable. These experimental works will incorporate numerous media from handmade paper and experimental printmaking techniques to computer graphics, programming and electronics. This body of work will provide a diachronic perspective of the book that will simulate its evolution into its future format.


Rebecca W. White  (United States)
Candidate M.F.A Computer Art
Art Media Studies
Syracuse University

Rebecca received her bachelor of fine arts degree from the State University of New York at Oswego and is currently pursuing an M.F.A. in computer art at Syracuse University.

  • Art
  • Handmade Books
  • Digital Art
  • Visual
  • Evolution of the Book

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