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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

Skills and Competencies in Professional and STM Publishing.: Professional and STM Publishing is Different!

Malik Lechelt.

Three key strategic factors are shaping the future of the professional and STM publishing industry 1) shift from supply-driven to a user-driven market dynamic 2) convergence of problem, solution and delivery platforms 3) tendency towards individual customisation.
Traditionally, self perception of publishing organizations and consequently strategic and long-term investment decisions were largely determined by products i.e. BOOK publishing or JOURNLAS publishing or, more recently, electronic publishing. In future, such action will lead to a dead end.
The integration of all media i.e. paper, people (events) and electronic media expand the service spectrum of publishing dramatically. Handled rightly, the potential to earn revenue expands equally.
This development forces publishers to differentiate, to customize and to think in alternatives. Publishing professionals must expand their competence spectrum. No more isolated functions! Enter management of cross- functional teams.
A revolutionizing tool called the 3x3 Procedure is in use in the German publishing industry since 1990 with great success. Now for the first time, it is presented to an international publishing community.
It integrates new planning tools to facilitate a conceptual link between customer need, product benefits and service solutions with a holistic communication platform to facilitate team work and shared creation of customer value.
The presentation includes a work shop exercise in “Creating Concepts For Success!” For this purpose, participants are encouraged to bring a publishing project from their own publishing house.


Malik Lechelt  (Germany)
Director of Marketing and Sales
Thieme International
Georg Thieme Verlag

Born 1951. Positions in publishing in UK, Holland and Germany. In academic publishing since 1980. Current position international sales director at the Thieme Group of Publishers, Stuttgart, Germany. Since 1985 publishing trainer in workshops and seminars. Member of the development team of the Institute for Professional Media Design (Fachmedieninstitut, Mering, Germany)

  • Professional and STM Publishing
  • Training
  • Conceptualising
  • 3x3 Procedure

(60 min. Workshop, English)