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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

Fibreculture Evolution through Publication

Lisa Gye.

Fibreculture is a network of around 750 Australiasian researchers interested in the development and extension of networked knowledge. Established initially as a email discussion list, Fibreculture has extended its scope to new forms of Do It Yourself academic publishing. These forms include online journal and magazine publishing and an ebook press. This paper will examine these new publication forms and processes in the context of ever shrinking print publication opportunities for academic writers and ask whether this is the way of the future for academic publishing.


Lisa Gye  (Australia)
Media and Communications
Swinburne University of Technology

Lisa Gye is a lecturer in Media and Communications and her research interests include critical theory and new media, media production, alternative media practices and authoring for new media such as the World Wide Web. Her web-based project, Halflives, is about to begin a regional tour as part of Elastic for Interact 2002 and was recently archived by the National Library of Australia as a site of national significance in the PANDORA archive.

  • Academic publishing
  • Online publishing
  • Networked knowledges
  • Knowledge distribution

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