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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

Collaborative eBook Publishing and Marketing: Higher Institutions and ePublishers

Assoc Prof Norshuhada S. Shiratuddin, Dr Shahizan Hassan.

This paper describes an on-going project on the use of electronic books (eBooks) in higher institutions. As in any higher institutions, Universiti Utara Malaysia also publishes books, research reports, lecture modules, theses and other academic information. However, all these publications are in printed and bound forms which pose some disadvantages. In addition, the publications have not been widely promoted, and as a result their accessibilities have been very limited, they are not noticed locally, and more importantly, internationally. To overcome the identified disadvantages, a project called eInformation Centre (eInfoC) was proposed, with the aims of providing academics a platform to publish and market their publications electronically. This is a collaborative effort with the first Malaysian electronic publisher and electronic bookstore. The company ( takes upon the task of finalising the last stage of publishing and also handling of the eBooks distribution to the students. A publishing model, which consists of eleven stages, is followed to ensure quality publication. Once a student pays for a book, a password to download the book is emailed to him/her. Payment can be made through various methods including credit card, bank draft, forwarded-by-lecturer, and debit card. All revenues are based on profit sharing basis. Royalty is paid based on each item sold. Authors get certain percentage (40%-50% depending on content) from the retail price as royalty. Sales and authors' views are recorded for analysis purposes.


Assoc Prof Norshuhada S. Shiratuddin  (Malaysia)
Associate Professor
Faculty of Information Technology
Universiti Utara Malaysia

Associate Professor Dr. Norshuhada Shiratuddin, holds a PhD degree (Computer and Information Science) from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland; Masters of IT from the University of Nottingham, and BSc degree from UMIST, Manchester, UK. Her research interests include electronic books/multimedia design and development, and web publishing. She is actively publishing her works in international journals, proceedings, books and monographs, particularly research findings on digital content in education.

Dr Shahizan Hassan  (Malaysia)

  • Electronic Books
  • Electronic publishing

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)