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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

Imagination and the Virtual Reality of New Media Technologies - Possibilities for Writers of Comedy

Lorraine Connor.

For the writer of comedy, the power of the virtual reality of new media technologies lies not necessarily in constructing a completely new world, but in using the senses to manipulate the experience of the existing world. At no other time has it been easier to alter and enhance experience than through the concept of creating a virtual realm. Equipped with a suite of savvy marketing tools, todays comedy writer can legitimise the reality they create by positioning new experiences into mainstream reporting (news) and services (tourism, retail, education).
So where does imagination fit into this enhanced reality? Next to the sign posts of our time (past, present and future) which shape our culture and our history? For what is comedy if not a way of making sense of the world, of coping, gaining perspective and enhancing the experience of human existence?
This study explores the possibilities for writers of comedy in this unique environment.


Lorraine Connor  (Australia)
Founder of

Lorraine has worked in the higher education and South Australian public sector for 20 years. As one of the major players in the development of the University of South Australia Online Careers Centre, she is a three times nominated, twice recipient of Vice Chancellors awards. She is the founder and author of South Australia's comedy websoap

  • Writers of Comedy
  • Virtual Reality
  • Imagination
  • Comedy
  • Human Experience
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  • Connor, Lorraine

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