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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

Another Interactivity: Inter-media Resonance and the Future of the Book

Tiziana Terranova.

This paper suggests that the future of the book will not only be shaped by technological innovation in the field of book publishing such as digital print (as important as this might be), but also in terms of its interaction with other media. If the tendency of the contemporary communication milieu is that of making all media variable entry points into a single communication matrix, how will the book interact with other media? There are historical lessons to be learned here from the book's long history of interaction with telegraphy, newsprint, radio, cinema and television. On the other hand, the radical interconnection of all media suggests that these interactions are becoming a lot faster creating interesting new patterns of interference, resonance and convergence between different media (such as newsprint, the Internet and the book in political communication). The future of the book might also be a matter of interactivity - in the sense of how the book will interact, that is interfere or resonate, with other communication media in a networked environment.


Tiziana Terranova  (United Kingdom)
Lecturer in Sociology of Media
Department of Sociology
University of Essex

Lectures in the Sociology of Culture, Media and Film. Author of Corpi nella Rete (Costa e Nolan 1996); and Network Culture (Pluto Press, 2004)

  • Interactivity
  • Networked media
  • Intermedia resonance.

(Plenary Speaker, English)