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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

Writing to Re-Invent: An eTextbook about Becoming a Teacher

Donna Phillips, Kevin Carr.

How can authors use digital technology to write and publish from a poststructural theoretical framework? How can authors use digital technology to open up spaces of possibilities that could not be achieved by writing and publishing in a traditional format? These two questions will be addressed in this paper. The two authors will share from their experience of writing an eTextbook for preservice teachers, Becoming a Teacher through Action Research: Context, process, and self-analysis. The eTextbook format and the use of Authorware were chosen specifically to achieve particular goals that could not be met through traditional book writing and publishing.

Traditional forms of writing and publishing impose a linear nature upon both authors and readers. Through digital technology, the authors are able to resist this structure and create text that is fluid and open. Such an approach to writing and publishing allows readers to co-create text and text-meaning with the published authors. In such co-creation and re-creation the published stance of the authors as “experts” are de-centered, allowing readers voices to be included. By accepting discontinuity in the learning, reading, and communication processes, the eTextbook opens up a space for readers to re-invent their own subjectivities and images of “teacher” and “researcher.” The eTextbook allows readers to move between strands of learning that do not isolate action research as a linear and flawless process. Rather, the technology is used by the authors and consequentially the readers to produce layered-meanings and openly engage in the dilemmas of teaching.


Donna Phillips  (United States)
Associate Professor of Education
School of Education, M.A.T. Department
George Fox University

Dr. Donna Kalmbach Phillips is associate professor of education at George Fox University. She teaches in the Master of Arts in Teaching department. Her research interests include studying the process of becoming a teacher from a feminist poststructural viewpoint.

Kevin Carr  (United States)

  • eTextbook
  • Poststructural
  • Action research
  • Preservice teachers

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