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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

Mobile Content:A New Frontier for Book Publishers

Nina D. Ziv.

The emergence of the mobile platform provides important opportunities for book publishers. These opportunities include exploiting synergies among various media to create new types of texts, developing new business models and exploring new markets for readers.
As traditional texts are ported to this new technological environment, book publishers may have to redefine what a book as new types of texts blend audio, video, and linear text thereby enhancing the ‘book reading’ experience of users. E-books, which range from uploaded versions of published texts to devices such as PDAs to hybrid digital/physical texts, which exploit synergies between linear texts and web-based hypertexts, may be the model for books on the mobile platform. Book publishers may also learn from newspaper publishers who have experimented with providing content for their users on mobile devices. Mobile ‘books’ are currently being developed in the travel industry by Fodors and Lonely Planet, which provide tourists with real-time downloads of information onto mobile devices.
These new types of ‘books’ will also provide publishers with new ways for generating revenue. Thus Simon and Schuster partnered with Streetbeam and Palm to enable users to download excerpts of a Stephen King book as an advertising promotion and personalized book content for mobile phones is another potential source for revenue. Using the mobile platform, book publishers can reach users who are already downloading content and forming mobile communities.
While the mobile platform represents major new opportunities, challenges remain including the lack of standards for mobile content and devices, the unclear delineation of intellectual property rights for this type of content, the reluctance of users to pay for mobile content, and the limited form factors of the various devices in the marketplace.


Nina D. Ziv  (United States)
Industry Associate Professor
Department of Management
Institute for Technology and EnterprisePolytechnic University

Nina D. Ziv is Industry Associate Professor of Management at the Institute for Technology and Enterprise of Polytechnic University in New York City. Her research focuses on the impact of technological innovations on the media industry

  • Mobile content
  • Mobile books

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)