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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

Creating Customised Textbooks: Using Variable Data Printing (VDP) to engage Readers by Reducing Biases

Asst Prof. Ian Baitz, Manfred Breede.

It is well known and documented that variable data printing (VDP) affords advertisers the possibility to target specific population segments in order to elicit greater response rates.

In this paper the authors seek to investigate the feasibility of applying these same principles to textbooks, in order to attract a more captive readership.

Textbooks can often be of limited appeal to young readers because they cannot identify with the cultural, geographic, social, national, linguistic, gender or socio-economic contexts within which a story is told. With the advent of VDP, a textbook no longer needs to be static, but could contain variable graphic and textual content, that is more meaningful to young readers.

This paper will survey the literature relating to the aforementioned factors which contribute to reading alienation and will also discuss the technical implementation of variable data content in textbooks.


Asst Prof. Ian Baitz  (Canada)
Assistant Professor
School of Graphic Communications Management Faculty of Communication & Design
Ryerson University

Ian Baitz is an Assistant Professor of Printing Processes at Ryerson University. He has a particular interest in issues of Technological Education and Flexible Learning. Ian is also a licenced Airline Transport Pilot and remains involved in aviation training.

Manfred Breede  (Canada)
School of Graphic Communications Management
Ryerson University

Born in Hamburg, Germany.
Emigrated to Montreal, Canada in 1967.
Taught many years in Quebec High Schools. before accepting a university teaching position in Toronto, Canada in 1987.

  • Variable Data Printing
  • VDP
  • Textbooks
  • Textbook Content Bias
  • Inclusiveness

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