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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

Taiwan’s E-Books Development in the Past, Present and the Future

Chen-chung Chien, James Dearnley, Steve Probets.

In recent years, e-book markets in Taiwan and China’s have developed gradually. Currently, Taiwan is promoting the digital content industry which includes the knowledge-based e-publishing and e-book industries. Taiwanese IT and publishing companies have cooperated to develop the e-book market in Taiwan and other Chinese-populated areas. They have grouped together to form e-book alliances to reach the potential market. This situation implies that there is a big opportunity for Taiwan’s e-book content providers, software designers, and hardware manufacturers to develop Chinese language e-books.

This paper will present a SWOT analysis which will be used to explore the market position of the Taiwanese e-book industry. Taiwan appears to have a strong basis for success in this industry. It has good capabilities in R&D, manufacturing, customisation and marketing in information technology industries. In addition there are good opportunities to develop the e-book market, not least because of the uptake of broad band Internet the current strength of the Chinese publishing industry in Taiwan, the high level of education of its people and the high level of consumer consumption in an island with 23 million residents. This paper will also point out the threats and weaknesses with respect to the Taiwanese e-books market, and the threats of foreign competition. Korean and Japanese e-books vendors already have plans to explore the Chinese e-book market, which will lead t o an increase in competition. The lack of an integrated Chinese e-book standard is also a consideration.

The purpose of this study explores Taiwan’s e-books history and current market situation. This paper will describe not only Chinese e-book content, technology and marketplace from the past to present, and the future development, but also clarify Taiwan’s e-books industry structure. If the e-book industry succeeds in Taiwan, it could offer strategic recommendations for e-book vendors throughout the world.


Chen-chung Chien  (United Kingdom)
PhD Research Student
Department of Information Science
Loughborough University

2002 – 2003 Editor in Chief, Yung Ho Communication Newspaper Monthly, Yung Ho City Hall, Taiwan
2002 -2003 Lecturer, Department of Journalism, Hsuan Chuang University, Hsin-chu, Taiwan
2000 – 2001 Executor of Editing in Chief, Online Newspaper for Children Edition of the China Times, Taipei
2001 -2003 Lecturer, Department of Mass Communication, Christ’s College, Tam-shui, Taipei County, Taiwan

James Dearnley  (United Kingdom)

Steve Probets  (United Kingdom)

Loughborough University

  • e-books
  • Electronic books
  • Electronic publishing
  • Taiwan

(30 min. Conference Paper, English and Mandarin)