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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

The Kids aren't all Write: The Potential of Online Journalism to Improve Writing Skills of University Students Across Disciplines

Asst Prof Rosanne Pagano.

University students whose weak writing hinders academic success are overlooking a source of instruction and inspiration that’s just a click away: Quality online journalism. This real-world initiatives paper examines the foundations of professional online journalism, a format that is both familiar and appealing to students, to discern best practices that can be adapted to improve student writing across the disciplines. While the profession recently has endured its share of scandal, the enduring basics of journalism merit study. Professional journalism rewards accuracy, brevity, clarity and directness—the ABCD’s of good writing discussed in this paper. Effective use of narrative, a fifth hallmark of good journalism writing, is also explored. This paper considers challenges to improving student writing and seeks new opportunities in quality online journalism to offer students and educators fresh approaches to an old problem


Asst Prof Rosanne Pagano  (United States)
Assistant Professor of Journalism
Department of Journalism and Public Communications
University of Alaska Anchorage

Educator, writer and editor Rosanne Pagano was a journalist in New York, California, Utah and New Mexico before moving to Alaska and joining the Associated Press. She reported for national and international news media following the Exxon Valdez oil spill. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from UC-Berkeley.

  • Writing across the disciplines
  • Student Writing
  • Online journalism
  • Journalism

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