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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

Traditional Books and a Short History of Developments in Transportation and Communication: A Case for the Book’s Robust Future

Steve McKinzie.

This paper suggests that the technical advances of the last two centuries in both transportation and communication argue for the traditional book’s sustainability. Books in their very recognizable traditional form will survive for a variety of reasons, but principally because they provide users with tangible benefits as a medium. They offer durability, portability and continuity of format. Much like certain modes of transportation and specific media formats (specifically rail and water transport and radio and movie theaters), books have a market niche, a value for users that will likely ensure a robust future. Make no mistake; digitization and the Internet have an important place in the coming decades, but books, as a valued and durable product, will continue to flourish.


Steve McKinzie  (United States)
Social Science Librarian
Dickinson College Library
Dickinson College

  • Fuiture of Books
  • Books and Reading
  • Publishing Industry
  • History of Transportation
  • Books and the Internet
  • Books and Digitization
  • Mediums of Communication

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