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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

Internationalization and Localization: From Software to e-Books

Dr Jie Liu, Dr Jackson He.

Internationalization and localization of software systems have been a research area for many years with remarkable results. Many software products, such as Microsoft Windows 2003, support multiple languages and cultures out of the box. However, books (including e-books) are mostly single language initially and are translated into other languages later. Researches have shown that considering internationalization and localization at the later stages can cause the entire project to fail completely.

The differences between a book and a software system can be many. Translation of a book is often a work of art by itself. However, for a technical book, such as a book teaches the using of a programming language, the translation can be relatively systematic. This paper address such issues in two parts. First, we discussion the possible problems we may encounter regarding internationalization and localization of books. We then present a systematic approach in managing such a project. We focus on considering internationalization and localization at the very beginning of writing a book.

In our view, a book is a presentation of some core data. The core data can be created using one or many languages and tools. The presentation of the core data can be defined using a number of different languages. A book is a presentation of some core data using a selected language the presentation supports. Today’s books are a special case of this model where the presentation language and code data language are the same.

The technique we proposed is derived from the star-schema, which is used heavily in dimensional data modeling.


Dr Jie Liu  (United States)
Professor of Computer Science
Computer Science
Western Oregon University

Dr Jackson He  (United States)

  • Internationalization and localization
  • Languages
  • Cultures
  • E-books
  • Translation of books

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)