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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

"Do the New Electronic Media Foretell the Death of the Book?": Daniel Certainly Hopes Not!

Joanna Brown.

Books, collectively, are one method of representing and viewing images and perceptions of the world for children and adults alike. Alternatively, the electronic media provides access to diverse ways of representations of the world. The proposition that a choice be made between books, in their most traditional format and ebooks, as provided by the electronic media, is a moot one. Co-existence of both forms of knowledge acquisition may be the optimum aim. Can one assume however, that the pursuit of this aim of co-existence between the traditional notion of books and ebooks for children will be an egalitarian one? What factors may hinder pursuit of this egalitarian aim and increase the ‘digital divide’?


Joanna Brown  (Australia)
Lecturer in Education
School of Humanities, Faculty of Education and Arts.
University of Newcastle

  • Value of the book.
  • The book as a homework tool.
  • the co-existence of books and ebooks.

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)