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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

Reading into the Future: A Study of WithIn-document Information Retrieval Comparing Comprehension Differences between Reading from p-texts and e-texts

Diana Marks.

The experiment is designed to compare the ease of reading and extracting information from p-texts and e-texts and to answer these questions:

1. Is comprehension related to the mode used to read?
2. Is mode preference related to comprehension?
3. Does comprehension improve when more time is taken to read and answer questions?
4. Does prior experience with reading text from screen using word processing, web research, e-mail and database searching improve comprehension when reading from an e-Book reader?
5. Does an expressed negative experience reading with an e-Book reader relate to the understanding of the e-texts?
6. Does the mode used affect the way the reading tasks were carried out?
7. Does the mode used affect satisfaction for the purpose of information search?
8. What features of the e-Book reader used (a SoftBook Reader) were liked and what other features would be desirable?
9. What other potential applications are there for e-Book technology, for the use of library professionals, and for tertiary students?
10. Does good comprehension relate to any specific demographics?

The research that will be reported upon involved academic librarians based in Sydney.


Diana Marks  (Australia)
Postgraduate researcher
Department of Linguistics
Macquarie University

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  • Future of Information Delivery
  • Within-Document Information Retrieval
  • E-Book Reading Devices
  • Screen Reading
  • Information Overload
  • Information Literacy
  • Comprehension and Screen Reading
  • E-Book Reading Devices for Academic Reading
  • University Librarians

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