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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

Triangulating The Experiences Of Content Providers, Distributors And Mediators In The E-Book Market Place: An Exploration Of Current Australian Digital Initiatives?

Paul Mercieca.

This paper provides an overview of current initiatives and issues facing digital content use within Australia. The paper will report on the use of e-book content from three perspectives 1/ the development of scholarly content within the higher education environment 2/ the development of commercial digital content and 3/ the perceived use of this content from library experiences. Focusing on digital book content, this triangulation attempts to identify the perceptions on content development, planned emerging trends in the development of digital content and an exploration of use of this content.

The paper draws and reflects on recent experiences from Monash University’s e-Press development; commercial initiatives from the publishers/distributors James Bennett and Thompson Gale; and the experiences of the use of PDA devices for public library content delivery. These experiences will be used to raise discussion associated with digital content design and delivery; exploiting technology for content development, perceived issues associated with screen readability and explore where these initiatives will attempt to take the electronic publishing processes.


Paul Mercieca  (Australia)
Lecturer – Information Management and Digital Publishing
School of Business Information Technology
RMIT Business

Paul Mercieca is a lecturer in Information Management and Digital Publishing at RMIT University. Paul’s academic profile includes issues associated with electronic publishing and e-business modeling. Prior to this, Paul was Publisher and Strategic Development Manager for RMIT Publishing where he led the development of online publishing initiatives. iographic content.

  • E-Books
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Commercial Publishers

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)