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The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

Lifelong Learning, Books and eBooks: :To See the World in The Grain of a Book

Dr Jill Jameson.

For some time there has been speculation that the future of books is in decline, as a result of rapid advances in the development of the internet, email and ebooks. However, in UK academic research in lifelong learning, it appears that books are not only still healthily present, but in fact are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, affordability and in more regular patterns of consumption by a wider reading audience. Official UK government drives for improvements in quality and standards in education at every level of lifelong learning have been enhanced by new domestic trends promoting the rise of book clubs, and media interest in books, across the UK. It is possible that the growth of ebooks, coupled with easier access to online publishing services and internet book shopping, has in fact stimulated greater demand for more reading materials for the general public. Worries that books might become redundant as a result of the growth of an information-rich knowledge society therefore seem to be unfounded. In effect, the opposite is true - greater ebook access promotes a culture of lifelong learning in which both ebooks and books may be more valued for the affordances the format of each enables, while both communication formats also necessarily have constraints which can stimulate greater discipline and discernment in the reading public.


Dr Jill Jameson  (United Kingdom)
School of Education and Training
University of Greenwich

DR JILL JAMESON, PhD, MA (KCL), MA (Cantab), MA (Goldsmith’s), PGCE (Nottingham) 2000-04. Director of Lifelong Learning, senior university manager, University of Greenwich, academic research in School of Education & Training. Jill has worked for 18 years in senior management in HE/Lifelong Learning as an Executive Director and Head of Department. Recent works: Jameson & Hillier (2003) ‘Researching Post Compulsory Education’; Hillier & Jameson (2003) ‘Empowering Researchers in FE. New for 2005: 'Leadership in Post Compulsory Education', David Fulton Publishers, Granada Media.

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