Session Descriptions

The Second International Conference on the Future of the Book

To submit a proposal, please visit the Call for Papers area. Once accepted, presentations will appear in a table below. Final papers will be refereed and published in print and electronic formats.

Joanna Brown (Australia)
"Do the New Electronic Media Foretell the Death of the Book?": Daniel Certainly Hopes Not! - 30 min. Conference Paper
This paper portrays a perspective on the value of the book and its connections with homework. To propose that a choice be made between books, typically used as home readers, and ebooks is commensurate to enhancing the “digital divide.”

Alfred Rolington
- Plenary Speaker

Tiziana Terranova (United Kingdom)
Another Interactivity: Inter-media Resonance and the Future of the Book - Plenary Speaker
The future of the book will take shape through its interaction with other media in a hyper-networked communication milieu.

John Shipp (Australia)
Australian Higher Education Initiatives in e-Publishing - Plenary Speaker
Australian universities have sought to identify and adopt new mechanisms to complement existing means of scholarly communication. Initiatives have included institutional repositories and e-university presses.

Dr Deborah Middleton (United Kingdom) David Praties (United Kingdom)
Book Building: Being A Treatise on Building, Canvassing, Sailing, and the General Management of Books and Other Artistic Craft in Storms and Heavy Weather - Plenary Speaker
A performed lecture on creative writing practice and the importance of books, which makes playful and poetic use of the language of boat-building.

Gabrielle Weinberger (United States)
Books: The Love-Hate Relationship of a Writer/Researcher. - 30 min. Conference Paper
Practical and emotional-sensual considerations of the role of books in writing/publishing and teaching writing

Margaret Zeegers (Australia)
China and Secondary School English Textbooks: Surface and Deep Learning Approaches - 30 min. Conference Paper
A study of representative textbooks used by Chinese students in secondary school English classes in China

Assoc Prof Norshuhada S. Shiratuddin (Malaysia) Dr Shahizan Hassan (Malaysia)
Collaborative eBook Publishing and Marketing: Higher Institutions and ePublishers - 30 min. Conference Paper
Describes a collaborative project between a higher institution and an ePublisher, which supports eBook publications and distribution.

Asst Prof. Ian Baitz (Canada) Manfred Breede (Canada)
Creating Customised Textbooks: Using Variable Data Printing (VDP) to engage Readers by Reducing Biases - Virtual Presentation
Variable data printing affords the ability to customise graphic and textual content. It enables the reduction of cultural, geographic, social, national, linguistic, gender and socio-economic biases thereby creating more engaging text books.

Patrick M. Callioni (Australia)
Creating Value from Knowledge - 30 min. Conference Paper
The paper discusses how knowledge is created, used, transmitted and valued. The context is the evolution from the industrial age to the information age, from the book to the tablet computer.

Dr Thomas Van der Walt (South Africa) Felicité Fairer-Wessels (South Africa)
Creative Writing—So What’s Creativity, and How is it Taught?: Creative Writing Workshops for Teenagers/Young Adults in South Africa - 30 min. Conference Paper
This paper will focus on the practical implementation of the creative process within the context of writing. It will describe a series of workshops held in South Africa with the aim to stimulate creative writing amongst a select group of previously disadvantaged young adults.

Brian Franklin Clark (United States)
The Curse of the E-book Metaphor - 30 min. Conference Paper
An examination of how the electronic book is built on the well-known metaphor of the physical book whose standards, unlike the e-book, are well established.

Dr. Meredith Kennedy DVM (United States) Dr Marty Zusman (United States) Dr David Knox (United States)
The Dancer's Gift: A Sociology Novel - 30 min. Conference Paper
The Dancer's Gift is the first of a series of teaching novels designed to engage students at the undergraduate level, by incorporating terms and vocabulary into contemporary love stories.

Ying Wah Teh (Malaysia)
Data Mining Implementation for Libraries - Virtual Presentation
The World Wide Web (WWW) is gaining popularity by providing an alternative way for individuals to get the information they require easily and fast through the Internet. This is threatening the existence of the libraries, who are one of the main source of information.

Prof. John Eric Ligon (United States)
Designing Braille Books: An Early Literacy Exploration - 30 min. Conference Paper
Demonstration of the benefits and drawbacks of existing Braille-adapted book formats for early literacy compared to a newly designed shared-reading format.

George Primov (United States)
Different Books, Different Contexts, Different Futures: A Sociological Essay in Social Change - 30 min. Conference Paper
The future of books might be a function of how important they are considered in a specific social conmtext and of their relative efficiency in relation to other alternative technologies.

Dr Mark Mizuko (United States) Kent Brorson (United States) Jolene Hyppa Martin (United States)
Different Forms of ePortfolio - 60 min. Workshop
This presentation will discuss the different forms of ePortfolio, a web-based tool designed to distribute a collection of artifacts.

John Kennedy (Australia)
Do Today's Students of Librarianship and Information Studies need to know about Publishing and Distribution? - 30 min. Conference Paper
This paper argues that LIS students need to learn about publishing and distribution in order to be educated effectively for careers in the information profession.

Prof. Georgetta Myhlhousen-Leak (United States)
The Dynamics of Cultural Awareness: A Virtual Reality with Teachers - Virtual Presentation
This research describes the use of a virtual reality process oriented instructional strategy to provide informative insights into the complexity of cultural dynamics and awareness.

Dr Kurt Lushington (Australia)
Ebook Reading Devices In The Primary School Setting - 30 min. Conference Paper
Primary school students easily adapted to the ebook reading device environment and teachers reported that it prompted reading

Mike Ottoy
eBook Technology - Present and Future - 60 min. Workshop
Discusses the world of eBook technologies, its present state, who uses them, and what does the future promise.

Dr. Lewis Liu (United States)
Economic Research on Scholarly Publishing: Review and Analysis - 30 min. Conference Paper
This paper reviews the research on scholarly publishing in the past; presents a case study on the topic, and proposes future research directions.

Dr. Caroline M. Crawford (United States)
eLearning Course Knowledge: The Impact of eLearning Environments Upon Questions of Authorship and Ownership - Virtual Presentation
Electronic learning environments have taken on the dimension of a book integrated within a course structure, yet the eLearning environment is not always regarded equally.

Lisa Gye (Australia)
Fibreculture Evolution through Publication - Virtual Presentation
This paper will examine the ways in which Australasian internet and networked knowledges research network, Fibreculture, is developing a new culture of DIY academic publishing.

Professor Ken Schoolland (United States)
Fiction for Economics Education: Global Reach in 30 Languages - Virtual Presentation
A satirical project in economics education that has a global reach in all age groups.

Dr. James P. Davis (United States)
The Foundations of Role-Playing and Conceptual Abstraction: Telling Stories Through Diagrammatic Languages - Virtual Presentation
This talk surveys Diagrammatic Languages (diagrams annotated with descriptive text), highlighting knowledge representation about arbitrary subjects for effective storytelling--to augment, or replace, the written word.

Sherman Young (Australia) Graham Meikle (Australia)
From Readers to Writers: Opportunities for publishers in an intercreative age - 30 min. Conference Paper
This paper examines the opportunities which arise when long-accepted lines between production and consumption are blurred by the possibilities of the new media technologies.

Colin Haynes (South Africa)
The Future for Digital Publishing: Breaking Through the Barriers to Books - Virtual Presentation
Digital publishing makes books—including text books—affordable in emerging markets and makes books more accessible to those around the world who face barriers of cost, geography, language, and visual and other disabilities. This presentation describes a new era in book publishing and affordability.

Prof. David Emblidge (United States)
The Future of the (Good) Book is in the Past - 30 min. Conference Paper
No matter what new technology may offer to the Editor - Author relationship, nothing technological can substitute for imagination, good taste, and an artful use of language and illustrative materials in making a good book.

Dr Lynne Spender (Australia) Dr Dale Spender (Australia)
Go Digital or Die?: An Author Perspective on the Future of the Book - 30 min. Conference Paper
Authors are the poor cousins of the book industry with few of the benefits and savings from new technologies being passed on by publishers. Can authors do better in a digital environment?

Tony Burch (Australia)
The Hegemony of the Printed Book in Tertiary Education: A Concept Under Challenge - Virtual Presentation
The changing role of traditionally printed books in the Australian tertiary education sector, and the forces that are shaping such changes.

Joanna V. Hill (United States)
How Nonprofit Foundations Can Contribute to Advancement and Progress through Books—In Print and Other Formats - 30 min. Conference Paper
The role of many nonprofit foundations is to advance knowledge. How this is done through the medium of books, research, and learning is examined, particularly in China.

Prof. Ashton Nichols (United States)
The Hypertextual Monograph: An Alternative Model for Scholarly Publishing - 30 min. Conference Paper
This paper will discuss hypertextual monographs as alternatives to traditional scholarly publishing. "Romantic Circles Praxis" and my own "Romantic Natural History" will be models for discussion.

Lorraine Connor (Australia)
Imagination and the Virtual Reality of New Media Technologies - Possibilities for Writers of Comedy - Virtual Presentation
For the writer of comedy, the irresistable combination of imagination and the virtual reality of new media technologies poses untold possibilities. This study explores some of those possibilities.

Instructor Tamara Miles (United States)
The Immigrant Writer: Teaching Multicultural Texts in the Composition Classroom - 30 min. Conference Paper
An examination of the writings of Martin Espada, Toni Cade Bambara, and Jimmy Santiago Baca, which feature a kind of resourcefulness in regard to personal and cultural identity that students can imitate.

Dr Jie Liu (United States) Dr Jackson He (United States)
Internationalization and Localization: From Software to e-Books - 30 min. Conference Paper
The paper addresses the internationalization and localization of books. It proposes a new model and introduces techniques that provide a solution for the internationalization and localization issue of books.

Asst Prof Rosanne Pagano (United States)
The Kids aren't all Write: The Potential of Online Journalism to Improve Writing Skills of University Students Across Disciplines - Virtual Presentation
This paper examines ways in which basics of quality online journalism writing may be adapted to foster student writing that’s more direct, concise and engaging.

Janette Gadanidis (Canada)
Learning Objects, Hypermedia and the English Classroom - 30 min. Conference Paper
Learning objects that immerse students in multi-modal learning environments.

Dr Jill Jameson (United Kingdom)
Lifelong Learning, Books and eBooks: :To See the World in The Grain of a Book - Virtual Presentation
The role of lifelong learning in fostering greater perception of the affordances and constraints of both books and ebooks.

Dr Margaret Zeegers (Australia) Dr Pat Smith (Australia)
Living on the Planet of the Readers: Exploring books beyond the boundaries of literacy - 30 min. Conference Paper
This paper examines implications of books and their appeal in 21st century contexts of SMS text messaging, films and television, CD-ROMs, videos, and so on. It views books as entry to a world of spiritual and emotional satisfaction for all to explore.

Dana Bartelt (Czech Republic)
Looking at the Future by Looking at the Past: Study of the CzechAvant-Garde and the Works of Josef Capek - 30 min. Conference Paper
Looking at the Czech Avant Garde movement (1920s through 1930s) in relation to book design, and the unique works of Josef Capek, gives insight to the fine arts production of books today in the Czech Republic and beyond.

Karen Ackoff (United States)
The Marriage of Digital and Traditional Techniques in the Production of Small Edition Handbound Books - Virtual Presentation
Discussion of the process in producing a small edition book, using digital technology to print the contents and traditional techniques for binding the edition.

Nina D. Ziv (United States)
Mobile Content:A New Frontier for Book Publishers - 30 min. Conference Paper
Innovation in mobile content represents an important opportunity for book publishers to create new types of texts, develop new business models, and explore new markets for readers.

Carolyn Guertin (Canada)
Narrative Architectures After the Book: New Containers and Standards For Stories In Digital Culture - Virtual Presentation
In the context of the history of storytelling and publishing, this paper explores the architecture of new media and born digital literatures.

Perry Roland (United States)
The Other Codex: Music Notation in the Digital Era - 30 min. Conference Paper
This paper discusses representing printed notation music using XML.

Teresa Castelao-Lawless (United States)
The Power and the Limitations of the Culture of the Book for Scientific Practices: Historical, Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives - Virtual Presentation
Relations between books scholarly authorities before and from Protestant Reformation on; rhetoric of Academies in 17th century Europe, and positions of philosophers of 20th century on incompleteness of picture of science offered in textbooks

Dr Steven Escar Smith (United States)
The Preservation of Born Digital Collections: Not how, but why at all? - 30 min. Conference Paper
This paper will NOT suggest new ways of archiving digital collections. Neither will it necessarilly review emerging methods. Rather, the author seeks to provoke furhter thought on a far more fundamental level. He will begin by asking not how, but rather if digital collections should be preserved at all.

Dr. Mona C. Clerico (Germany) Dr des. Eva Wattolik (Germany)
Preserving by Changing: Rodney Graham´s Book Objects as a Perspective for a Seemingly Old-fashioned medium - 30 min. Conference Paper
By treating the texts of popular books like modular design principles the Canadian artist Rodney Graham builds up hypertext structures and thus makes an extraordinary proposal for the future of the book.

Yushan Candy Wang
The Price Discovery - Virtual Presentation
The paper examines the long-run co-movement between the Dow Jones 30 spot index, regular futures, e-mini futures and ETF over the period 1998/07/01 ~ 2002/10/31.

Panagiotes S. Anastasiades (Greece)
Printed Book VS e-Book?: The Hybrid Instructional Book of the Future - Virtual Presentation
This paper aims to examine the future of the instructional book, by presenting the concept of instructional hybrid book, as one of the most important tools in future education

Kelvin Bong (Malaysia)
A Qualitative Study Of eBook Digital Rights Management - 30 min. Conference Paper
This paper analyses some case studies and summarises statistics of the successfulness and unsuccessfulness of eBook Digital Rights Management (DRM) implementation.

Dr. David Stork (United States) Jamey Graham (United States)
Reader's Helper: An on-screen electronic aid to reading - 30 min. Conference Paper
The Reader’s Helper is an onscreen reading environment that automatically highlights phrases in a general document and provides opportunities for new forms of electronic books.

Diana Marks (Australia)
Reading into the Future: A Study of WithIn-document Information Retrieval Comparing Comprehension Differences between Reading from p-texts and e-texts - Virtual Presentation
Reading for retrieval of information within documents is the focus of the research. The experimental component of the research investigates comprehension differences between reading from print and screen, and compares users’ preferences for two modes of reading: print and e-Book reading devices.

Roger J. Crum (United States)
Recovering Piero's Pleasure: How to See a Book in an Age of Too Many Books - Virtual Presentation
This paper focuses on photographs of books, images that encourage consideration of books as physical objects as well as intellectual embodiments.

Colin Harvey (United Kingdom) Dr Anna Reading (United Kingdom)
Serious Play: Using Intermediation to Articulate Atrocity - 30 min. Conference Paper
Can video games on serious subjects such as the Holocaust or the War Against Terror communicate in ways that books cannot? Or are they a serious threat to the authority to memory provided by books?

Malik Lechelt (Germany)
Skills and Competencies in Professional and STM Publishing.: Professional and STM Publishing is Different! - 60 min. Workshop
The 3x3 Procedure a new tool for success. Exploit all resources (paper, people and electronic media) to expand your revenue in STM publishing.

Dr Karen De Wet (South Africa)
Strategies and Infrastructure for e-ways and e-words in Gauteng Libraries: Reflecting on Problems and Possibilities in a Developing Country - 30 min. Conference Paper
This study examines the current situation regarding e-books and supporting strategies and policies, in public and academic libraries in Gauteng.

Dr Stephen Zsiray (United States)
Student Materials for Learning: Integrating the Book with Technology - Virtual Presentation
The presentation will describe the current nature of instructional support in schools. The participant will examine the current conditions of instructional resource support (the textbook), and glimpse into the future.

Chen-chung Chien (United Kingdom) James Dearnley (United Kingdom) Steve Probets (United Kingdom)
Taiwan’s E-Books Development in the Past, Present and the Future - 30 min. Conference Paper
This paper will present a SWOT analysis which will be used to explore the market position of the Taiwanese e-book industry.

Walter Bgoya (United Kingdom) Mary Jay (United Kingdom)
The African Book: Hypotheses for the Future - Plenary Speaker
This presentation will outline some of the key initiatives take by African publishers to develop the industry, and address weak infrastructure, for example by utilising the new print technologies; consider the impact of European publishers and international institutions; and hypothesise about future prospects and ways forward.

Dr. Sidney Berger (United States)
The Future of Books and Libraries - Plenary Speaker
Despite the predictions we have heard for nearly three decades that books are disappearing and virtual communication will "take over", books and libraries have strong futures.

Robert J. McClelland (United Kingdom) Nick Hawkins (United Kingdom)
The The Future of the Book: Perspectives on the use of Books in Higher Education when considering the Emphases on Development of e-Learning Materials by Academics and the Increased use of Virtual Learning Environments - 30 min. Conference Paper
The paper will examine the problems, tensions, contrasts and complementarities surrounding the use of books in developing learning environments for students in higher education.

Steve McKinzie (United States)
Traditional Books and a Short History of Developments in Transportation and Communication: A Case for the Book’s Robust Future - Virtual Presentation
This paper suggests that the technical advances of the last two centuries in both transportation and communication argue for the traditional book’s sustainability

Paul Mercieca (Australia)
Triangulating The Experiences Of Content Providers, Distributors And Mediators In The E-Book Market Place: An Exploration Of Current Australian Digital Initiatives? - 30 min. Conference Paper
Explores e-book content development within Australia, drawing on the experiences of academic e-press initiative; commercial publishing and library implementations

Professor Martha Carothers (United States)
Types of Reading and Reading Types - 30 min. Conference Paper
Printed books and textual media may be identified with differing modes of reading and defined by varying typographic formats.

Pearl Tan (Australia)
The Tyranny of Distance: Providing Books to Isolated Public Libraries in Western Australia - 30 min. Conference Paper
The challenge of providing books, in whatever format, to public libraries spread over one million square miles is discussed.

Dr Tim Luke (United States)
The Unbundling of Discourse: How Digitalization Can Open the Scholarly Text and the Practices of Academic Communication - PlenarySpeaker
The paper examines how digital technologies can, and are, changing the scholarly text and academic communication in comparison to print

Portia Diaz-Martin (United States) Basil Martin (United States)
Using WebCT for Information Access in the Digital Age - 60 min. Workshop
This workshop will address issues in providing library instruction through WebCT and provide demos for promoting virtual library resources and services to faculty and students.

Dr Lisa Best (Canada) Joseph L. Holland (Canada)
The Value of Inscriptions in Science Education: Implications of the Dual Coding Model - Virtual Presentation
Currently there is an interest in the concrete practices of scientists as they formulate and contest knowledge-claims. One aspect of the scientific process is the effective communication of results.

Dr Tim Luke (United States) Jeremy Hunsinger (United States)
The Virginia Tech Cybershcool: Critical Reflections on a Decade of Distance Learning on the Web with eTexts, On-line Courses, and Virtual Faculties - 60 min. Workshop
The paper examines how digital technologies have made it possible to create a virtual campus, and many new on-line course and degree programs, but not an without immense amounts of off-line organizational and operational work.

William Harroff (United States) Charlotte Johnson (United States)
Virtual Gems for Both Sides of Your Brain: Fulfilling the Promise of Electronic Books - Virtual Presentation
Virtual Gems encourages people to never think of a book in the same way again and to recognize the creative potential of the ebook form.

Rebecca W. White (United States)
What is a book?: A visual exploration - Virtual Presentation
A body of mixed media art ranging from interactive computer graphics to handmade paper that visually analyze the current state and the future of the book.

Angus Phillips (United Kingdom)
Where is the value in Publishing?: The Internet and the Publishing Value Chain - 30 min. Conference Paper
This paper will look at the impact of the Internet on the value chain in publishing.

Dinesh Balliah (South Africa)
The World Summit on the Information Society and the Future of the Book: A discussion of the implications of the strategies of ICT roll-out in developing nations, on the future of the Book - 30 min. Conference Paper
An examination of the WSIS Plan of Action and its recommendations for the roll-out of ICT's in developing nations.

Prof. Anna H. Perrault (United States)
WorldCat = Worldwide Access - 30 min. Conference Paper
The paper concerns the findings on international book publication and collecting patterns from a bibliometric study of the WorldCat database conducted through a 10% systematic sample in 2002.

Donna Phillips (United States) Kevin Carr (United States)
Writing to Re-Invent: An eTextbook about Becoming a Teacher - Virtual Presentation
This paper discusses how authors can write from a poststructural theoretical framework through the use of digital technology in eTexbook creation.